Award winning quality Farm Shop
Family run award winning butcher
and farm shop in North Hampshire.

Pop in and meet one of T.H. Burroughs knowledgeable and friendly butchers for expert advice on the best cuts, outstanding quality and taste.

Manydown Farm Shop, once a butchery,  has now grown, offering an extensive range of store cupboard essentials, freshly baked goods, dairy products, fresh fruit & veg and a fantastic delicatessen.

How to find us by using the bus, rail or satellite navigation.

View the gallery of our fantastic farm shop, butchery and staff!

New and exciting recipes, most of the igredients used in these recipes can be purchased in our Farm Shop.

Come along to our Easter Lambing Extravaganza - see some newly born lambs and all your farmyard favourites. With many other outdoor activities to choose, from this a great Springtime trip.